2-Day, Hands-On, Full Arch Solutions Training




Day 1

The first hour of our training begins with a comprehensive lecture, exploring the intricacies of multi-unit abutment selection while introducing the Smart Denture Conversion protocol.

By the second hour, we jump into the hands-on training and have each clinician perform a denture conversion.  This interactive session allows for active discussion as we highlight the potential complications that may arise during the denture conversion and offer effective solutions.

Covered topics include:

  • Pre-coating
  • Denture seating passive on to of parts, pick-up procedure
  • contouring the dentures and creating screw access.
  • 2 arches
  • Troubleshooting-
  • Temp cylinder popping
  • Overtightening temp cylinder
  • Redirecting screw channel
  • Picking up a missed temp cylinder

The pace of this day may vary, contingent upon the clinician’s experience and grasp of the subject matter.

Day 2

Day 2 is focused on applying the knowledge from day 1 to a live patient.  The Smart Denture Conversions trainer will actively participate in this process, offering guidance and support as necessary. Clinicians have the flexibility to schedule up to four arches for this day, maximizing their hands-on experience.

If no patient is scheduled, we will make the most of the day by focusing on additional hands-on training. Clinicians can utilize their Smart Denture Conversion parts to attempt another conversion, further honing their skills and solidifying their understanding of the process.


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