“This is like the most hands-on course I've taken. By the end of the course, I felt like I already had the muscle memory of these steps because they ingrained it into us by doing so many reps.  


I had experience with Smart Conversions before I came here, but I didn't learn it the “smart” way. This was one of the best courses that I've personally ever attended. You are going to come out with so much more of an understanding of fixed arch all-on-four because you have world-renowned prosthodontists and surgeons who are here to answer questions that are tangential to Smart Denture Conversions.


Bring your technician. Don't come by yourself. It's a team thing and you're going to be stronger for it. I promise you. I thought that was probably the most valuable thing was bringing my technician so we just talk about how we want to practice the skills going forward and how we could just continue doing things better.” 

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